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A Conversation for Every Shift

What can you do with the private chat rooms associated with shifts and leave requests? There are many uses!

  • Manager log book
  • Shift trade history
  • Multi-step approval workflows
  • Face verification records
  • Answering questions about a specific vacation request

Face Verification

If you elect to use our face verification features for clocking in and out, the face scans are included as a chat message on the relevant shifts. You'll be able to see these images in the private shift channels.

Right after the clock-in data changes, you'll see the visual analysis of the picture taken of the clocking-in employee. Unlike other forms of biometrics (e.g. fingerprints), this information can easily be double-checked by humans.

Bring It All Together

When chat messages and audit history are brought together, the chat messages can contextualize the data history, which records the intent of the employee or the manager during approval workflows. This is much more meaningful than simply recording data changes in an obscure audit trail that nobody looks at.

When requests are approved, agreed-upon conditions can be recorded in the chat history. When requests are denied, the reasons can also be recorded in the chat history.

General Channels

  • Manually created
  • Add members using access control lists
  • Mention users with @name
  • Send announcements to all channel members (@channel)
  • Real-time notifications

Shift Channels

  • Automatically created with each shift
  • Separate channel for each shift
  • Contains audit records for that shift
  • Contains clock in/clock out images from that shift
  • Chat between employee and managers
  • Records interactions when shifts are traded

Leave Request Channels

  • Automatically created with each leave request
  • Separate channel for each leave request
  • Contains audit records for that leave request
  • Chat between employee and managers

Org Channel

  • Automatically created
  • Contains audit messages for the entire organization

Streamline your workflow with integrated chat.

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