Leave Management

Decrease your own workload while giving staff greater autonomy.

Our leave management system makes time off easy to request, easy to review, and easy to approve.

From the web or their smartphone, employees can request time off. Managers are immediately notified of requests, and our software makes it a cinch to check the coverage, and approve (or deny) the request!

Managers and employees can communicate about specific requests using our integrated chat system, and those communications are attached to the request itself, it's part of a audit trail.

Gain clear and reliable staff availability insights.

Time Banks

Our system tracks accruals for each leave type (e.g. sick days, vacation), which can be set as a set number of days per year, or based on the number of hours worked.

You can see how vacation plans will impact time bank balances, and use that information when approving requests.

Custom Leave Types

Create as many custom leave categories as necessary, for every type of absence.

Customize your time-off policies by setting rules. Required lead-time for requests, time off accrual rates, and more!

Avoid Being Understaffed

Because it's integrated with our easy-to-use scheduling system, you can be aware when time off requests will negatively impact the operation of your business.

Better Communication

Because each vacation request has a private chat channel attached to it, managers can communicate with the requesting employee, or it can facilitate a multi-step approval process.

To provide transparency to employees, every step in the approval process is audited and they can see any changes made to the request.

Fully integrated with our easy-to-use schedule editor, see how vacation requests impact your business.

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