Create Accurate Reports In Seconds

MyNextWeek's payroll system is accurate because it lets you effective-date employee compensation periods. Without effective dating, simple things like giving an employee a raise mean that all your historical reports will be wrong if you run them again.

This capability makes it easier to plan ahead. For example, some businesses give new employees a raise when they make it past a six-month probationary period? Put that planned effective-dated rate increase for the new employee in the system now, and it will automatically take effect in 6 months!

Flexible Pay Rates

We support the following compensation scenarios:

  • Hourly Employees
  • Salary Employees
  • Holiday Pay
  • Per Diem
  • Per Shift Pay
  • Hourly Rates based on Position
  • Time Banks
  • Effective Dated Compensation Periods
  • Daily & Weekly Overtime Rates
  • Special Rates (based on time of day)
  • Per-Shift Bonus Pay
  • Per-Shift Rate Multiplier

Timesheet Export to Payroll

It's easy to create employee timeshseets from the accurate time and attendance data in MyNextWeek and it can be quickly exported to your company's preferred payroll provider.

It takes seconds to create payroll exports, and when you're using our integrated time and attendance features, you'll know that data is accurate!

Streamline your workflow with payroll integration.

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