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Get the Best Restaurant Scheduling Software

An easy way to make your employees happier!

Get the Best Restaurant Scheduling Software

An easy way to make your employees happier!

Make Schedules Easy

Our timeline-based editor allows you to easily create schedules, make templates, and undo (or redo) any changes.

You can reduce the time you spend scheduling by 80%!

Soon, you'll be taking your schedules to the next level by using our industry-leading schedule optimization features that will save you money and make your employees happier!

Affordable Pricing

user / month
$60 Minimum

Get all the features mentioned here for only $2 per employee per month - and we have a special introductory offer for you.

First 6 months FREE

Start your free trial today, and instead of one free month you'll get six, with unlimited users and unlimited locations. This is a value of at least $360 for free if you take a few minutes to set up your organization today!

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Preferred by Everyone

Reduce staff turnover by giving them better schedules. In addition to all the usual scheduling considerations, our industry-leading scheduling algorithms attempt to schedule employees during the times that they would prefer to work.

Of course, we'll do this while balancing the number of hours everyone gets (according to their work arrangement), obeying labor laws, trying to group people's days off together, minimize travel time, and ensuring that the people working have the right skills/training to keep the business running smoothly.

Learn about how our Scheduler works

Optimize your schedule in seconds!

Vacation Planning

To make it easy to plan employee vacation requests, we show you a heat map of requested (and approved) requests.

Gain clear and reliable staff availability insights.

MyNextWeek provides:

  • Customizable categories (Vacation, Medical, Bereavement, etc.)
  • Time Banking (per category)
  • Time Bank accruals (based on time worked)
  • Manager approval workflow (with push notifications!)
  • Audit Logs of requests and approvals

Beautiful Mobile Apps

Powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android; scheduling on-the-go.

Employees Can:

  • View Schedules
  • Request Time Off
  • Trade Shifts
  • Communicate with their team
  • Get Notified of Updates
  • Clock in/out on their smartphones

Managers Can:

  • Create and Edit Schedules
  • Approve Time Off
  • Approve Trades
  • Manage Employee Accounts
  • Get Notified when any action is required

Time and Attendance

Clock in and out of shifts and breaks quickly and easily. Instead of PINs and swipe-cards, MyNextWeek will remember everyone's face to automatically verify your employee is actually present. Because it's 2023.

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Got 5 minutes?

Then you have enough time to make your first schedule! Seriously. Make a demo organization, and you'll be able to see how easy it is to make shifts, use templates, and auto-fill a schedule.

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